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Why Sell My Car With Duozzon

Why Duozzon

After spending years in the automotive industry, we realized that there are significant problems that both car buyers and sellers face.
We decided we need to do something about it.

Listings take a long time and effort to find a buyer, offers are not guaranteed.
Car Cashing services lack transparency in pricing, which leads to low offers and unhappy customers.
Corporate Fleet Disposal is a manual and exhausting process due to the lack of technology.

Why Sell My Car with Duozzon

It’s Fast and Easy

to receive offers for your car.

  • Take advantage of the quickness of online auctions receiving real offers instantly.

Higher Success Rate

  • Sell any car when you want to, choose the duration of your auction listing
  • Our system will rank the best offers for you automatically, offers from both Dealers and End Users
  • No more endless messages, calls and time-wasting test drives with unqualified car buyers.

It’s Transparent

  • Say No to shady offers and ridiculously low valuations.
  • You see all the offers you receive in real time.
  • There are no deductions, and no hidden fees or charges – what you see is what you get.

Why Buy a Car on Duozzon

It’s Cost Effective

  • We charge low fees to maximize the value for both buyers and sellers

Higher Success Rate

Did you know that 85% of deals on car cashing auctions never close?

This is because the Offers to the Sellers are vastly different from the Real Offers made by Buyers. With Car Cashing Services … Offer to the Seller = [The Real Offer Made] – [Undisclosed high commission] At Duozzon 100% of the Buyer’s Offer goes to the Seller. We charge a small fee on top of each offer, made visible and clearly communicated to every bidder.

It’s Transparent

You know exactly how much the Seller gets, and how much you pay for the service.

It’s Fast and Convenient

You see in real time how your offers rank compared to others. If you win the bid, the Seller will reply in 24 hours or less, to Accept or Reject your offer.

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