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How to Sell My Car on Duozzon

Duozzon is the best place to sell any car and we’ve made the process easy.
We don’t claim “3 Simple and Quick Steps” because we all know this is misleading.

Here are the steps you should take to sell any car on Duozzon

  • Click on Sell My Car
  • Sign up and verify your email
  • Fill the Auction Listing Request.
  • Arrange time and location for inspection of your vehicle
  • Your listing goes Live and start collecting bids immediately
  • Accept the Highest Offer
  • Duozzon will help you complete the transaction and get cash for your car.

How to Buy a Car on Duozzon

Once you’ve found a car you’re interested in, here are the steps you should take to bid confidently and, with any luck, win the auction!

  • Complete the Registration Form and verify your email
  • Provide your credit/debit card details for safe storage with our secure payment provider
  • Bid on cars you like
  • If your Offer is Accepted, Duozzon will contact you to complete the transaction
  • Enjoy Your Cool New Car.

Dealers Only

Dealers Only Auctions: If you want to become a Member, contact us at

Contact us to apply for your “Dealer Membership” status to get access to:

  1. Exclusive Auctions
  2. Export Deals
  3. Bulk Offers
  4. Commercial Vehicles

“Dealer Membership” status is suitable for professional used car dealers and exporters, trading in high volumes regularly.

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